Van Damme Volvo commercial stretches the views to over 68 million

The epic Van Damme Volvo commercial received over 68 million views since it was first aired in November of 2013. These views came from the official Volvo YouTube channel. If we add up all the copies of the famous video all over the YouTube, the count probably will exceed 100 million.

The attraction of this short one minute video rested in the fact that it was performed live, for real, with no harness, on two huge Volvo trucks driving backwards. Van Damme controlled his body with precision performing a split between the trucks, with his feet resting on the trucks’ side mirrors.

Van Damme is 53, but his body is still amazing, as he puts it “crafted to perfection”. The filming was done in one take, and luckily Van Damme did not fall or otherwise injure himself. Which leads us to the main point of the commercial – it was to demonstrate the perfection of Volvo steering control.

The song on the background is performed by Enya, “Only time”. The music, the sunset, and the dangerous but exciting epic split, plus Van Damme good looks resulted in a stunning commercial with the fame well deserved. It is unknown whether Volvo sold more trucks as a result, but certainly the automaker brand was reinforced as well as Van Damme’s himself who is thinking of the next stint movie.



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